Maroon Printed and Sky Checked Premium Cotton Boxers

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  • Maroon Printed Boxer: A lighthearted, vintage-inspired Leaves print from one of our favorite Italian mill. Woven with a 60s single-ply poplin construction that's perfect for highly detailed prints, this fabric is lightweight and crisp without feeling too delicate. The print consists of Cream Flowers and Leaves variations against a cool, Maroon ground color. 
  • Sky Checked Boxer: A versatile and soft medium-weight tartan from Portugal. This airy 50s single-ply twill strikes a beautiful balance between underwear and loungewear. Low thread count plaids and tartans are often quite heavy and woven with thicker threads to create a more casual look and feel, however this one is a bit lighter so it can stand in as a unique alternative to Underwear
  • Fabric details: 100% Mercerized Combed Cotton.
  • Double reinforced front, back and side seams.
  • Durable broad waistband.
  • Concealed button placket with a front opening.
  • Ideal for loungewear, leisure wear and innerwear.
  • Since Boxers offer more coverage, they are the acceptable lounge wear. You can answer the door in your boxers, but never in your briefs.
  • Boxers are available in a wide variety of prints and colors. If you can imagine it; it’s on a pair of boxer shorts.Whereas tight underwear/briefs don’t come in as many colors or prints as Boxers.
  • Tight underwear doesn’t fit you well to facilitate proper blood circulation and that elastic bands on the waist are too tight or pinching. Boxers are better in this case.

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